What a resume can tell you about

At present, the practice when a job seeker sends his or her resume to an employer or recruiting agency in response to a job announcement is becoming more and more common not only among multinationals, but also among Russian companies. Sending resume to potential employer or recruiting agency becomes one of the main ways of employment for qualified candidates. If you are having difficulties with your resume, you can apply to our best online resume service.

Resume: why do I need one?

A resume is a short but succinct document that summarizes your skills, work history and personality. It allows the employer to get acquainted with business and personal qualities of candidates during the interview with minimal time expenditures, to carry out the initial selection of the most worthy candidates and give the first assessment of their suitability for the vacancy.

All Western and more and more Russian companies, when announcing vacancies or advertising existing vacancies, require CVs from candidates. When hiring in a Western company, it is usually required to provide a resume in English. A resume can play an important role in the job search and subsequent employment of the candidate.

Practice shows that in most cases, the recruiter or hiring manager relies on the content and form of the resume when deciding whether or not to invite a candidate for an interview.

It is generally accepted that a professionally written resume usually contains the following sections:

If the resume adequately covers the above sections, it is a plus for the candidate.

If the resume is well-edited, well-written, easy to read, pouring over, and perceived as any other well-written document, that's two pluses for the candidate.

If the resume is an attachment to a cover letter in which the candidate explains why he or she is applying for the position and provides brief but convincing evidence of his or her claims, then the best companies that adopt this business correspondence ethic will give him or her a third plus.

In order to compose a good resume, you need to work for more than one day. In fact, it is your work of art. Do not spare the time to write a resume, because it will pay off in the future job search and further employment.